Maggie Saponaro, the University of Maryland’s librarian for journalism, has been named to the 13-member national committee that advises LexisNexis on product design for the company’s Bethesda-based Academic & Library Solutions division.

UMD's Maggie Saponaro

UMD's Maggie Saponaro

In announcing the appointment to the Academic Product Management and Advisory Committee, Jennifer Matheny, the LexisNexis Academic Product Manager, wrote that Ms. Saponaro and two other new members were selected, “after a thorough independent search process … based on their strong professional qualifications and the way that their institutional affiliations balance those of the current Committee members in terms of type, size, governance, and region.”

Ms. Saponaro supports the university’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism with classroom sessions, individual consultations with students and faculty, web pages maintained for a number of courses, and regular updates for the college on new resources for research at the library and online. She is also the university’s librarian for Hearing and Speech Sciences. And she is a founding member of the Brainstorming Board that advises the university’s Future of Information Alliance.

“Maggie herself is a terrific resource for the college and the university,” said Merrill College Associate Professor Ira Chinoy, who chairs the University Library Council and is co-director of the Future of Information Alliance. “Now she is in a position to help enhance the LexisNexis products that we use on a daily basis – both for journalism and for academic research – and she will provide the university with a seat at the table in the design process.”

Ms. Saponaro, who earned her MLS degree from UCLA and has completed doctoral coursework in Public Administration at Virginia Tech, has been at Maryland since 2003. She is based at McKeldin Library and maintains a variety of online resources. She is also the co-author of two books and numerous journal articles on library management.