COLLEGE PARK, Md. (Oct. 18) – Capital News Service Digital Bureau Director Sean Mussenden recently appeared on Update1 – the podcast of the National Press Club – to talk about the future of journalism education.

The NPC was kind enough to grant us permission to repost the interview with host Scott Maucione:

How does journalism education keep pace with a rapidly changing industry? In this Update-1 podcast, Press Club member Scott Maucione talks with University of Maryland journalism professor Sean Mussenden about the modern media landscape.

They discuss the importance of having a professional and responsible social media presence, including how to present content and engage with the audience. Mussenden also talks about how he has to learn new technology, new methods of storytelling and new social platforms so that what he teaches remains relevant.

He also explains why students will need to embrace new technology throughout their careers to achieve success and why they’re encouraged to develop an area of expertise.