By Lauren Brown
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COLLEGE PARK, Md. (Feb. 2017) – John Noble ’85 has produced over 1,000 TV commercials for big names like Coke, Budweiser and Amazon, but in 30 years in advertising, he’s never seen a reaction to his work like that following Sunday’s Super Bowl premiere of a spot for 84 Lumber.

The nearly five-minute ad (below), which FOX declined to run in its original form, depicts the journey of an impoverished Mexican woman and her daughter through cities and across deserts, in pickup trucks and on foot to reach the U.S. border. There, they are halted by a miles-long wall, but are surprised to discover a large, mysterious wooden door.

The flood of intrigued viewers who saw the shorter, edited version during the game crashed the company’s website. It has since racked up more than 10 million views on YouTube.

Noble and his co-founder at production firm FIXER Partners oversaw the entire process from script to screen—and on a stunningly short deadline. He paused amid the avalanche of publicity to tell us about the experience:

John Nobel and family in a photo from LinkedIn.

John Noble and family in a photo from LinkedIn.

TERP: What is FIXER Partners, and what do you do there?

Noble: FIXER Partners was founded by my partner Brad Powell and myself. After 20 years of working “for the man”, we decided to go for it and produce work under our own banner. FIXER is like a production SWAT team: As seasoned pros, we know how to get in and assess the situation quickly, we solve and fix efficiently, and then we get out. It’s a new model for production, whereas the agency and/or brand can use when they need us and avoid paying staff salaries and the overhead that comes with that all.

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