(Adapted from an NPPA press release.)

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (Feb. 10) – The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) 2017 Northern Short Course Photo Contest winners were announced Thursday. Competing against professionals, the fall, 2016 ViewFinder team took third place in the “Team Multimedia” category for “Strength and Shame.”

On Vimeo, the series is explained this way:

“In June 2016, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, experienced one opioid overdose a day and a death a week. Just six months later, those numbers doubled. The Fall 2016 ViewFinder team of photojournalists traveled to Anne Arundel County to take an in-depth look at the opioid epidemic.We spoke to parents, children and community members who have been affected by this issue. Dealing with feelings of strength and shame aren’t easy—these stories give us a glimpse into the struggle these people face on a daily basis.”

The ViewFinder series is part of the University of Maryland PALS initiative.

Students involved with the production include: Hannah Burton ’17, Karen Castillo ’16, Ryan Eskalis ’16, Mya Green ’17, Mackenzie Happe ’17, Hannah Klarner (MJ ’17), Susann Shin ’17 and Alexandra Simon ’17.

In addition, Ricky Lasser ’16 took an honorable mention in the Longform Multimedia Individual category for “Forgiven.”

The Northern Short Course in Photojournalism, an annual NPPA event, will be held March 2-4 in Fairfax, Va. During the organization’s awards dinner on the 4th, Merrill College Lecturer Bethany Swain will be honored with the Robin F. Garland Educator Award for outstanding service as a photojournalism educator.

Portrait of Bethany Swain, Lecturer in the Philip Merrill College of Journalism. Holding a large video camera.   Faculty Q&A, TERP, Fall 2013.In a press release from Jan. 19, the NPPA said:

“Bethany Swain, a lecturer at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland, has won the Robin F. Garland Educator Award for her dedication to her students, who have related about the breadth of professional knowledge she has shared with them. And not just from a technical perspective but also real “inside” advice and guidance about developing and maintaining relationships, both within the newsroom and with their subjects. She also done a wonderful job starting and advising Maryland’s very active and engaged NPPA student chapter, which is comprised primarily of students with a focus on broadcast photojournalism. The Garland Award is given for outstanding service as a photojournalism educator. Garland was a picture editor and war correspondent for the Saturday Evening Post until he joined Graflex Inc. as press technical representative after World War II. Later he became a press photography product specialist for Eastman Kodak Co.”