The Gaylord Resource Center Library provides a quiet space for students to conduct research and includes several desktop workstations, a study carrel, and tables for group study. Its holdings include a wide range of journalism-related texts donated by students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The collection is cataloged online using

The Resource Center Library also houses bound copies of dissertations and theses completed by Merrill alumni.

The Resource Center, located on the first floor of Knight Hall, is primarily for use by Merrill College students, faculty and staff. Access is through your University of Maryland ID card. If your ID card does not provide access to the Library, visit the Student Services Office. Members of the campus community who wish to have access to the facility should contact the Dean’s Office for assistance.

Students and guests are requested to re-shelve all texts in the order in which they have found them, as the Resource Center Library is unstaffed. Please do not bring food or drink into the Library.

The College of Journalism’s Research Subject Specialist, Maggie Saponaro, holds office hours during the academic year. All students are invited to e-mail her with questions or set up an appointment time by contacting her at