MSGAlogoThe Merrill Graduate Student Association, established in February 2009, has an inside-outside mission.

We aim to foster community and productive collaboration within the College of Journalism’s master’s and doctoral
students. We will work on important issues within our discipline, further our understanding of our role in the
College and the wider UMCP community, and play hard too.

MGSA is a vehicle for advocacy for all the College’s graduate students, individually and collectively, and will
work to ensure that we secure the rights that should go with our responsibilities.

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MGSA Executive Board 2014-2015

Andrew Nynka, Doctoral Co-President
Allene Abrahamian, Master’s Co-President
Saranaz Barforoush, Treasurer
Brittany Britto, Press Secretary
Tanya Lokot, Social Secretary
Courtney Mabeus, Recording Secretary