Special Request Form

Note: This form is for requests that are exceptions to policy.  Do not submit this form to request permission for a class.  To request permission for a class, please contact the Student Services Office directly at 301-405-2399.

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Estimated GPA: Projected Graduation Date: 20
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Change from full to part-time status. This may affect financial aid.
6 Hour waiver in the last 30 credits to be taken off UMCP campus.
Cancellation of registration.
Register for the same class more than 2 times. Specify course:
Register for more than 16 credits. Specify courses and total credits
Declare Course not applicable (N/A). Specify course:
Register for graduate course. Specify course:
Pre-register for J courses prior to college admission (course will be pulled if admission does not occur prior to the beginning of class. Available only if you have the required GPA and grammar score).
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I understand that, in striving for equitable treatment of all students, the Philip Merrill College of Journalism strictly adheres to the university policies regarding registration and schedule adjustment. I have read the deadline dates for registration/adjustment transactions given in the Schedule of Classes as well as all academic regulations outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog. I understand that exceptions to these policies and deadlines are granted by the College only under EXTREME AND UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCES .

Note: Dropping classes could negatively affect financial aid, scholarships and/or campus housing eligibility. It is ultimately the student's responsibility to consult with a financial aid counselor and/or resident life to determine the consequences of such an action.