Broadcast News

The Phillip Merrill College of Journalism is your "launchpad" to the future as a broadcast journalist. Journalism isn't what it used to be. It's faster, sharper, dynamic, social and evolving. The Merrill College leads the way not only by upholding the highest ideals of journalism, but by embracing the latest tools.  Our Merrill Journalists are fearless and entrepreneurial - they learn by doing in the best media markets out there - producing newscasts, researching and reporting longer form investigative reports, covering political conventions, coding websites, embracing social media and mobile journalism. Specialty courses are offered in public affairs reporting, sports reporting, science, health and business reporting, and war coverage.

Broadcast journalism students study and learn at UMTV, the college-owned cable TV station that houses state-of-the-art equipment. The broadcast program is led by Professor Mark Feldstein, a former on-air investigative correspondent at CNN and ABC News who is the college's Richard Eaton Chair in Broadcast Journalism. Students begin their broadcast education from their first semester at the Merrill College, volunteering as crew members for programs produced under the guidance of renowned broadcast faculty members, including award-winning broadcast journalist Sue Kopen-Katcef.

In addition to hands-on volunteer experience, students are given the opportunity to supplement required journalism courses with broadcast electives instructing them on producing television and radio news shows and documentary programs.

Our best students get the chance to work for our award-winning Capital News Service. The broadcast bureau of CNS is based out of the Richard Eaton Broadcast Center in Tawes Hall  - a short walk from the jounalism building. CNS students cover stories professional reporters cover under deadline. Their regular newscast - "Maryland Newsline" is broadcast each week on UMTV, and packaged stories are posted online and made available to affiliates throughout the state.

Students are not only encouraged but required to add to their classroom and newsroom education with internships in the field among the many broadcast organizations in the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas.


NBC4 Anchor and Merrill College graduate Eun Yang '95 talks to high school
students interested in journalism about why the Merrill College is a great choice.