pmehlman_author_small_finalby Lauren Brown

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – As a writer on “Seinfeld,” Peter Mehlman ’77 came up with “yada, yada,” “spongeworthy,” “shrinkage” and “double-dipping.” They’re all part of the lexicon now, tied to the everyday absurdities and annoyances that the sitcom milked for laughs for nine seasons.

But on the subject of his four years at Maryland, Mehlman sheds the comic persona. He’s positively mushy.

“There’s a Paul Simon song with the line, “These are the days of miracle and wonder,” and that was what it was like for me at the University of Maryland,” says Mehlman, author of the new novel “It Won’t Always Be This Great.” “From the first morning—I was there alone and I went to breakfast and I had hash browns for the first time—it never stopped being eye-opening and wonderful.”

A long-ago transplant to the Los Angeles area, he returned to campus yesterday to read from the novel and remind students, faculty and staff that writing funny can be serious-ish business.

“I have a piece of advice: Always write for love, not for money, but try to get paid for it,” he says.

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