COLLEGE PARK, Md. – From Washington, D.C. to New York City and Philadelphia, Merrill College’s student-powered Capital News Service has the historic visit of Pope Francis covered. You can follow their coverage on the cnsmaryland website as well as on Twitter (@cnsmd) and Facebook (

“This is a tremendous challenge for our students given that the semester is barely underway,” said CNS Broadcast Bureau Director Sue Kopen Katcef. “But CNS is ready and we are excited about all the great learning experiences our Merrill journalists have in store for them. It is something they will never forget.”

The CNS Online Bureau – located here in Knight Hall – has put together a great visualization tool that lets readers know exactly where the Pope has been, is and will be on his journeys in the U.S.

Another interactive graphic takes a look at Catholics in the U.S.

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Alongside the CSN Online bureau, Merrill College students assigned to the CNS Broadcast bureau, Annapolis and Washington, D.C. bureaus  are all involved in covering the Pope’s historic visit here in Washington, D.C. Merrill journalists will also be traveling to Philadelphia to cover the final leg of Pope Francis’ journey – Broadcast Bureau Reporter Matt Bylis) and Annapolis Bureau Reporter Ana Mulero will be riding along with the Pilgrims from the Baltimore area Sunday morning to Philadelphia and will cover the final mass that afternoon.

Coverage includes everything from producing broadcast packages and print stories that helped set the scene for the visit and then actually covering the Pope’s visit. Student work is used by print and broadcast outlets in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Social Media is also playing a big part in the CNS coverage.

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CNS-TV’s Mike Tart waits for the Pope’s arrival.

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CNS reporters taking part in the coverage of Pope Francis’ visit across all four bureaus  include:

Jonathan Bannister, Brittany Britto, Matt Bylis, Sissi Cao, Brittany Cheng, Shannon Clash, Darcy Costello, Nicole Curtis, Maddy Deason, Namoi Eide, Hayley Fixler, Julie Gallagher, Gabe Katzman, Kathryn Klett, Rachel Kuipers, Ana Mulero, Stephen Pimpo, Molly Ann Podlesny, Joe Sagalow, Lena Salzbank, Emily Schweich, Mike Tart, Joey Trull, Karen Ye and Joe Zimmermann.

CNS bureau directors include Sean Mussenden, Online; Jim Carroll, Washington, D.C.; Karen Denny, Annapolis; Sue Kopen Katcef, Broadcast.