COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Adjunct lecturer Renee Poussaint was recently named one of four “local TV legends” by Washingtonian Magazine. In an article entitled, “You Must Remember…the Women Anchors Who Changed Local TV: Maureen Bunyan, Renee Poussaint, JC Hayward and Meryl Comer,” author Sherri Dalphonse writes, “Not long ago, the anchors on TV newscasts were all white men. Then in the 1960s and ’70s, more women and people of color started delivering the nightly news.”

JC Hayward told Dalphonse, “It’s nothing to see a woman on a newscast now, but in 1972 it was striking to see a woman in that chair.”

Poussaint said, “I left the largely white, male world of being a CBS Network correspondent to enter a similarly white male world of anchoring the local evening news.I was a black woman with a short Afro, and some people didn’t understand what I was doing sitting in that anchor chair. But I knew why I was there, and eventually, through my work as a journalist and my commitment to the community, they understood it too.”

The entire article can be found in the October issue of Washingtonian Magazine. The online version is here.

Thanks to Washingtonian President and Publisher (and Merrill Board of Visitor’s Chair) Cathy Merrill Williams for making the great photo by Jeff Elkins available for use here.