COLLEGE PARK, Md. (April 17) – Assistant Professor Kalyani Chadha is now Associate Professor Kalyani Chadha. Dean Lucy Dalglish announced the promotion to faculty and staff once the official notice from President Wallace Loh’s office arrived today.

“As you know, no one on our faculty works harder or with more dedication to her students and her scholarship that Kalyani,” said Dean Dalglish.  “I cannot think of a more deserving candidate for tenure.”

As a teacher and a researcher, Chadha has focused on analyzing trends in international communication as well as television programming and its impact on society. The recipient of a Ph.D. in mass communication from the University of Maryland, Chadha has published articles in several communication conferences, journals, and books.

She has been the director for the College Park Scholar’s Media, Self and Society program since 2004.

Dr. Chadha is presently working on a book project that examines the consumption of Hindi films by young Indian Americans. Prior to coming to the United States in 1992, she worked as a journalist in India.