(Adapted from an NAB Press Release.)

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (April 15) – Merrill College adjunct Gagan Nirula ’95 has designed an online “Awareness in Reporting” digital toolkit  for the National Association of Broadcasters and NAB Education Foundation. Nirula manages all of NAB’s advocacy and most event marketing websites, social and email design.

The online toolkit’s focus is to help reporters do a better job reporting on race.

“A toolkit like this is useful in today’s media climate because it contains actionable items and recommendations that apply to all levels of journalism – from corporate and management to boots-on-the-ground news crews,” said Nirula. “We also included a robust resource library that features links to other websites that journalists might find helpful when reporting on race.”

The toolkit on race is phase one of the Awareness in Reporting initiative, which aims to provide newsrooms with additional resources and guidelines covering other sensitive topics in the future. Phase two is expected to offer a toolkit on covering religion.

NAB “Awareness in Reporting” video.

Giving Newsrooms Additional Coverage Tools

The toolkit was created in response to increased news coverage of issues affecting communities of color stemming from civil unrest, including demonstrations following police-involved shootings and immigration reform protests, among others. The resource provides suggestions and recommendations for journalists and newsroom executives to improve the breadth, depth and accuracy of their news coverage of potentially divisive issues. The initiative also explores how positive news stories can impact overall coverage of minority communities and foster a more collaborative relationship between reporters and the public.

“Local broadcasters play a vital role in our democracy as ‘first informers,’ providing timely, accurate and enlightening information to Americans about the topics affecting their communities,” said NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “At a time when issues of race relations have sparked new conversations throughout our society, NAB hopes this toolkit helps equip journalists with the expertise to cover news events fairly and accurately from all points of view.”

A podcast about the toolkit, the reason behind it, and the thinking behind the website is part of the release.  You can find it here: http://www.nab.org/education/podcasts.asp

Read the entire release on the NAB website.