Dean Lucy Dalglish sent the following letter to Merrill College alumni announcing the retirement of Associate Dean Olive Reid.


Dear Merrill College alumni community​,

​I am reaching out to share the news that Olive Reid is retiring from her role as associate dean for student affairs on December 31, 2017.

Olive’s impact on students, faculty and staff over her 25 years with the college is impossible to adequately describe. Throughout my tenure, I have been amazed by the stories alumni have shared with me about Olive. She has been providing students smart counsel, sound advice, a good laugh and sometimes urgent care. She has helped with search committees, provided advice on curriculum updates, welcomed prospective students and their families to campus and taught a freshman class. It will be impossible to replace her.

We will, however, celebrate her.

​In addition to a calendar year-end reception in honor of Olive with Merrill faculty and staff members, students and colleagues from across campus, we will welcome Merrill College alumni back to campus for a ​springtime ​reception​.​ Please keep an eye out for future communications about the reception. ​
In the coming weeks and months, we will all search for adequate words to thank Olive for her service and leadership. Please do take the time to commit your thoughts to pen and paper – or email or text – and share them with Olive.

​Please touch ​base with Assistant Dean Lele LeVay,, if you have questions or would like to be involved in the planning of the spring celebration.