The A-list celebrities accusing Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, misconduct or assault are giving the allegations unusual attention and fueling a national conversation, Philip Merrill College of Journalism Professor Mark Feldstein told USA Today this week.

“The prominence of the accusers … lends enormous credence and power to the allegations,” said Feldstein, Richard Eaton Chair of Broadcast Journalism at the college. It “gives a lot more oxygen to the story.”

Feldstein says similar stories may continue to emerge as long as the public remains engaged.

Also in The Guardian

Laura Ingraham’s move to Fox News highlights the alliance between conservative media and President Donald Trump, Feldstein told The Guardian.

“There’s actually a long history of journalistic commentators climbing in and out of bed with politicians,” he said. “What’s interesting, is how open this is.”

Ingraham, a conservative media star, debuted on the cable news channel in prime time this week.