COLLEGE PARK (6/26/19) — For almost a year, the University of Maryland Capital News Service bureau in Annapolis was Capital Gazette’s temporary newsroom.

The arrangement was made public for the first time in a series of vignettes published last week as Capital Gazette staff members moved into a new, permanent newsroom. 

Philip Merrill College of Journalism Dean Lucy A. Dalglish offered the space to Capital Gazette last summer after the June 28 shooting in their former Annapolis newsroom. Gerald Fischman, John McNamara, Rob Hiaasen, Wendi Winters and Rebecca Smith were killed in that attack.

Fischman (‘79) and McNamara (‘83) were Merrill College and Diamondback alumni. Hiaasen was a member of the college’s adjunct faculty.

After the move, CNS Annapolis Director Karen Denny “took on a role we could never have imagined,” Capital reporter Selene San Felice wrote.

She arranged gifts delivered to the newsroom, ordered lunch every day, opened the newspaper’s mail to screen potentially hateful letters or threats and hung cards and letters from newsrooms across the country on “almost every inch” of one of the bureau’s walls.

Denny did all of this while continuing to direct award-winning coverage of Annapolis for Capital News Service, an award winning nonprofit news organization staffed by Merrill College students.

Rachael Pacella (‘13), who was injured in the attack, worked in the CNS Annapolis bureau as a Merrill College undergraduate in 2012.

She wrote about how she made lifelong friends there as a student. The return to the bureau office on Maryland Avenue was comforting.

“When I walked into CNS after the shooting, I felt like those friends were there still … I knew I was home, I was safe and I was going to be okay,” Pacella wrote.

“I can never thank the University of Maryland enough for that gift.”

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