COLLEGE PARK (3/23/20) — Dr. Linda Steiner, a professor at the University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism, has been awarded the 2020 Eleanor Blum Distinguished Service to Research Award by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC).

The award will be presented to Steiner during AEJMC’s San Francisco Conference at the General Session on Aug. 8. 

The honor was created to recognize people who have devoted substantial parts of their careers to promoting research, and those who have spent much of their professional lives to mentoring students in areas of research. It is named in honor of its first recipient, Eleanor Blum, a longtime communication librarian at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

“No one at Merrill College has done more to mentor aspiring scholars than Linda Steiner,” Merrill College Dean Lucy A. Dalglish said. “Her graduates are outstanding. She helps recruit some of our best Ph.D. students because aspiring communications scholars from around the world want to work with her.”

It is not an annual award and is being given out for just the fifth time in 12 years.

“I’m very honored by this award for at least two reasons,” Steiner said. “First, I believe that all scholars should provide service to research, in the form of mentoring, editing and helping aspiring researchers with their work. So, I’m thrilled both that this award exists in the first place, and that my own efforts seem to be appreciated. I hope more scholars will take this part of their responsibilities seriously. 

“Second, I knew Eleanor Blum from my grad school days at the University of Illinois-Urbana. She was a classy lady in the best sense of the word — intelligent, witty, cultured. Getting an award named for her is a special treat.”

Steiner studies how and when gender matters in news and newsrooms, and how feminists use media. Other research areas include media ethics, new and emerging forms of journalism, and journalism history, especially the periodicals published by women suffragists. Current projects include co-editing a book about the problem of job precarity in journalism. Her most recent books, both co-edited, are “Front Pages, Front Lines: Media and the Fight for Women’s Suffrage,” and “Journalism, Gender and Power.”

Steiner has written, co-authored or edited 10 books, as well as many book chapters and refereed journal articles. She is a former president of the AEJMC and is currently editor of Journalism & Communication Monographs.

Her expertise is in women and the media, women reporters, alternative media, and public/citizen journalism.

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