All adjunct faculty members should discuss in detail the importance of academic and journalistic integrity on the first day of class. The discussion should include a detailed review of the syllabus language regarding academic integrity and conclude with each student being asked to sign the college’s academic integrity pledge (see below).

Every syllabus should include the following language on academic integrity:

Along with certain rights, students have the responsibility to behave honorably in an academic environment. Academic dishonesty, including cheating, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty and plagiarism, will not be tolerated. Adhering to a high ethical standard is of special importance in journalism, where reliability and credibility are the cornerstones of the field. Therefore, the college has adopted a “zero tolerance” policy on academic dishonesty. Any abridgment of academic integrity standards in a College of Journalism course will be referred to the university’s Student Honor Council and the college’s deans. To insure this is understood, all students are asked to sign an academic integrity pledge at the beginning of the semester that will cover all assignments in this course. Students found to have violated the university’s honor code may face sanctions, including a grade of XF for the course,  suspension or expulsion from the university.

The following is the school’s pledge. 

Print out the Academic Integrity Pledge, make copies for your students and ask them to sign it.

The instructor should keep the pledges throughout the course of the semester. Note: if a student has an objection to signing this please ask him or her to explain privately after class. Students should not be forced to sign:

As a student in the Philip Merrill College of Journalism, I understand that I must adhere strictly to the academic integrity policies of the University of Maryland. Specifically, I understand that ALL assignments and tests must be done without any help or collaboration with other sources, including classmates, unless otherwise stated by the professor for a specific assignment. I further understand that any unauthorized help or collaboration will be considered a violation of the Code of Academic Integrity of the university. I also understand that other forms of academic dishonesty, including other forms of cheating, fabrication, facilitating academic dishonesty and plagiarism, will not be tolerated and could result in serious sanctions, including an XF for the course, or suspension or expulsion from the university.

By signing this document, I am stating that I understand the policies and vow to adhere to them.


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