Grading in skills courses always should mirror professional standards. Expectations – and penalties for failing to meet expectations –  must be clearly stated and uniformly applied to all students. The standards are based on the following expectations:

Accuracy: Assignments will be free of any error of fact, identity, grammar or spelling.

Clarity: Writing will be clear and unbiased. Essential information will take priority over interesting but non-essential details.

Completeness: The assignment will include all information needed for full understanding. If questions are raised, they should be answered; if answers are not known, that information also needs to be included.

Integrity: Assignments will demonstrate integrity in every aspect of research and writing.

Each student assignment should be graded based on structure, lead, organization, grammar, adherence to style guidelines, economy of language, fairness, readability, comprehensiveness, etc. You may want to create your own system of penalties for errors.

Students will be made aware that any of the following issues will result in a reduction in credit for any assignment.

Factual errors. Any error of fact – including misspelled proper names (people, places and institutions) – results in an automatic F for the entire assignment. The assignment still should be edited and feedback given.

Missed Deadlines. An assignment handed in late – and that means one-minute past deadline – results in an F for the entire assignment. This must be the standard for all classes and uniformly applied. No excuses should be accepted.

Libel. Any libelous or potentially libelous wording in an assignment results in an automatic F for the entire assignment.

The University’s Code of Academic Integrity and the College state that the following behaviors will not be tolerated:

  • Plagiarism
  • Fabrication
  • Cheating
  • Facilitating academic dishonesty

Instructors who believe they have encountered these behaviors in student work should go immediately to the Dean or to one of the Associate Deans of the College.