Q1: Are students guaranteed admission into journalism as freshman?
A1: The majority of admitted freshman will be accepted into Journalism, but this is not a guarantee. We still review applicants on a competitive basis and look for strong writing skills as evident on their essay and standardized test scores.

Q2: If I am not admitted into journalism as a freshman, what are my options?
A2: Students who are not directly admitted into journalism as freshman can reapply as internal candidates once they complete certain benchmarks set by the College of Journalism. Please visit www.lep.umd.edu to see the benchmarks.

Q3: Can transfer students major in journalism?
A3: Yes, transfer students can major in Journalism but must have met all the benchmarks set in www.lep.umd.edu before being directly admitted as a major. If students are missing any of the required gateways, they can complete them during their first academic year at Maryland and reapply as internal applicants.

Q4: I’m looking for information about Merrill College students and the latest retention and graduation data.
A4: You’ll find the latest data about our Merrill College students here. You’ll find retention and graduation data for the University of Maryland here.