Current Student Degree Requirements

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For General Education requirements, consult the current Undergraduate Catalog. Transfer students, please see the General Education Transfer Policy.

Students are required to earn a minimum of 122 credits. Accredited journalism programs require majors to complete successfully approximately two-thirds of their coursework in areas other than journalism and communication. The Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland adheres to this nationwide policy. In practical terms, this means that of the 122 minimum credits required for graduation, a journalism student must take 42 credits in journalism (numbered 100 or above. Of the remaining 80 credits, a minimum of 65 must be earned in liberal-arts designated courses).

The Philip Merrill College of Journalism stipulates that 57 of the total credits must be taken in upper-level courses (courses numbered 300-499).

Required courses for all journalism majors regardless of whether journalism is a student’s primary or secondary major:

DSC_0024I. Journalism requirements outside the College

Students must complete the following liberal arts coursework complementing the University’s general education requirements. For the University’s general education requirements, consult the General Education program in the current Undergraduate Catalog.

  • Abstract thinking skills requirement (nine credits)
    1. One three-credit statistics course from the following list:BIOM301, BMGT230, CCJS200, ECON321, EDMS451, GEOG306, HLTH300, JOUR405, PSYC200, SOCY201, STAT400 or a more advanced statistics course.
    2. A minimum of six credits through one or a combination of the following options. Should a student choose to combine the options, at least one language course must be at the intermediate level:
      • Language: up to two courses with at least one course at the intermediate level and no more than one course at the introductory level. (High school equivalency does not satisfy this requirement.)
      • Math/Statistics/Computer Science: up to two courses
        • Any mathematics (MATH) course numbered 107 or higher.
        • Any computer science (CMSC) course numbered 102 or higher (at least three credits).
  • Public Speaking: one course from COMM100, 107, 200, or 230.
  • History: one course from HIST200 or 201
  • Behavioral or Social Science: one course from ANTH260; PSYC100 or 221; SOCY100, or 105.
  • Economics: one course from ECON200 or 201.
  • Government and Politics: GVPT170
  • Supporting Area:
    • Four upper-level (numbered 300 or higher) courses for a minimum of 12 credits in a supporting field (cannot be in Communication).
    • Upper Level Electives: Four additional upper-level (numbered 300 or higher) courses for a minimum of 12 credits (cannot be in Communication).


ViewFinder Team - April, 2015II. Journalism course requirements

  • JOUR200: History, Roles and Structures (three credits)
  • JOUR201: News Writing and Reporting (three credits)
  • JOUR203: Multimedia Reporting (three credits)
  • JOUR300: Ethics (three credits)
  • JOUR352: Intermediate Multimedia Journalism (three credits)
  • JOUR396: Supervised Internship (two credits)
  • JOUR400: Law of Mass Communication (three credits)
  • JOUR410-469: Journalism and Society (three credits)
  • JOUR470-479: Media Research (three credits)
  • Journalism Capstone Experience (three credits)
  • Journalism Capstone Colloquium: Business of Journalism (one credit)
  • SPECIALIZATIONS (12 credits)
      • JOUR202: News Editing (three credits)
      • JOUR320: News Writing and Reporting II (three credits)
      • JOUR321-389 Elective (three credits)
      • JOUR321-389 Elective (three credits)
      • JOUR262: Broadcast Field and Studio Production (three credits)
      • JOUR360: News Writing and Reporting II: Broadcast (three credits)
      • JOUR361: Television Reporting and Production (three credits)
      • JOUR321-389 Elective (three credits)

III. Specific Journalism Requirements

  • Completion of JOUR201: Students must complete JOUR201 with a “C-” or higher. Consult the Undergraduate Catalog or online Schedule for a list of prerequisites and restrictions for journalism courses.
  • “C” Requirement: Students must earn a “C-” or better in JOUR201 and JOUR202/262 prior to taking any courses for which they serve as a prerequisite.

Note: Students who matriculated from any university between Sept. 2011 and Aug. 2012 should download these former undergraduate degree requirements.

Note: Students who matriculated from any university between Sept. 2008 and Aug. 2011 should download these former undergraduate degree requirements.