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Merrill College Unanimously Recommended for Reaccreditation

Knight Hall Atrium

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism was unanimously recommended for reaccreditation Saturday in Chicago by a committee of the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.

The college has a “truly impressive four, five and six-year graduation rate, an outstanding office of student services and robust internship program with intensive supervision,” said Doug Anderson, dean emeritus of the Penn State College of Communications and head of the four-member site team that visited the college in February. “There wasn’t much not to like.”

Anderson’s report to the committee praised the college for its small classes that provide one-on-one interaction with teachers as well as the opportunities students have to publish their work while enrolled. He said the college’s assessment plans for both the undergraduate and master’s programs “could be considered models” for how to evaluate student progress.

The committee voted 14-0 to recommend reaccreditation. The recommendation will be considered by the full accrediting council in May.

The site team evaluated a 300-page “self study” prepared by the college that summarized its programs, curriculum, facilities, faculty and resources, followed by a four-day inspection of the college.

“We are delighted that the accrediting committee concluded that Merrill College provides an outstanding education for the journalists of tomorrow,” said Merrill College Dean Lucy Dalglish. “The site team had several terrific suggestions for improvement, and we look forward to implementing them over the next six years until the next accreditation visit.”

Real-World Experience Has Impact for Merrill Students

Merrill students in JOUR368Y with NBC4 sports reporter Carol Maloney perfore her pre-game live shot.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The University of Maryland is uniquely situated between two major sports markets that offer wide-ranging opportunities for Merrill College student to get real-world experience as reporters. Whether traveling to Indianapolis for the BIG10 Tournament or covering the Redskins and Ravens as credentialed sports journalists, Merrill students learn by doing.

Povich Visiting Professor Kevin Blackistone and Povich Sports Center Director George Solomon take their classes to cover the Nationals and other sporting events. Merrill adjuncts are actively involved as well in making sure what’s taught in the classroom is brought home real-time at sporting events from field hockey to football. For instance, Adjunct Dave Owens routinely takes his classes to sporting events where they can practice reporting and life shots.

Recently, Adjunct Lecturer Joe Yasharoff ’87 took his JOUR368Y sports producing class to a Terp basketball game at XFINITY Center – where they had a chance to not only cover the game as credentialed media, but talk with beloved Terps sportscaster Johnny Holliday and his color commentator Chris Knockey, NBC4 Sports Reporter Carol Maloney and her photographer Dan Buckley as well as Maryland Basketball Sports Information Director Zack Bolno. They also got to see the XFINITY Control Room where the games are broadcast and attend a post-game news conference.

Shots by Joe Yasharoff of his JOUR368Y class at a recent Terps vs. Illinois basketball game

Photos by Joe Yasharoff ’87 of his JOUR 368Y sports producing class at the Terps vs. Illinois game they covered.

The students were asked to write short comments about their experiences and here’s what they had to say:

It was a great experience and I learned a lot about all that goes into covering a sporting event. From live shots with Carol Maloney to the radio play-by-play with Johnny Holliday, we got the chance to see how all these elements work in tandem to create a live broadcast and packages for the nightly news. My biggest take away was that this is definitely the career that I want to pursue.- Junior Miya Treawell

As a student, this is absolutely one of, if not the best experience I have had in my 4 years. Obviously there is a lot you can learn in a classroom but being at a game and working and covering the game as a real in the moment job has given me more knowledge and experience than 5 days in a classroom. That statement is no discredit to any of my professors, it is just a hyperbole as to how profound the experience was to get to be court side and behind the scenes. If the opportunity is there for future classes and future students, I hope they get to do the same thing because it was absolutely unforgettable. – Senior Alec Milton

While I’ve called a lot of games on press row for WMUC Sports, this was the first time I’ve ever gotten to meet the legendary Johnny Holliday. Live game broadcasting is one of the things I might possibly look into doing after my time in school, so it was just a really cool experience to meet him, talk to him about how he prepares for the game, and even sneak a little peek at his sheet that he uses to help him call the game. Seeing Carol Maloney do a live shot before the game and seeing her scramble when not everything went according to plan was a fun thing to see because it showed me that you always have to think on your feet because things won’t always go according to plan. – Junior Thomas Pullano

Overall it was just an incredible experience. We met such great people, journalists who are great at what they do and genuinely interested in helping us out however they can.  I wish I had been able to do something like this sooner than now in my last semester at Maryland. Thanks to Joe for taking the extra time to bring us there. Hands-on experience is obviously invaluable. – Senior Danielle Ling

Last week, we went to the Maryland-Illinois game as a class and learned how to cover a live game for television.  This was an invaluable experience, and I am so grateful for it.  You can learn about how to cover a game in your classes, but it doesn’t actually compare to being there and actually doing it.  The experience was also a great opportunity to meet and learn from professionals in the field.  For example, we got to watch Carol Maloney from NBC4 do her live shot and prep for her game coverage, and she had time that she could give us advice on how to do the job successfully as well. In addition to learning just how to cover the game for television, it was also an awesome chance to learn about the other media jobs a live sporting events.  We went into the Xfinity Center control room, where Ed Clark gave us the rundown on the in-house show that they produce for the video boards.  We also met the sports information director and Johnny Holliday, and they were able to give us insight about their jobs, which was great because it gave us an idea of other jobs we could potentially pursue in the future. Overall, it was definitely a great experience, and I would definitely recommend that other journalism classes provide students with similar opportunities to be out in the field and practice what they learn. – Junior Lauren Bork

Emily Schweich’16 wins Adele’s Circle of Women Scholarship

Emily Schweich'16

By Amanda Eisenberg’16

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Emily Schweich’16 received a $250 scholarship from Adele’s Circle of Women, an organization that links University of Maryland alumnae with women leaders on the campus. The scholarship was presented at Adele’s Circle’s annual HerStory event Wednesday night (March 2, 2016), which featured two keynote speakers and conversation over dinner at Stamp Student Union.

Schweich’s essay in her scholarship application described how she wants to be a leader for other women in the news industry.

“I found it valuable to meet other involved women on campus and to hear from alumnae about their experiences navigating the workforce as women,” Schweich said. “So often I think women feel insecure or alone in pursuit of their goals, but this was an affirming and encouraging experience. I hope to get involved with the organization after graduation so I can pay it forward and serve as a mentor to young women on campus.”

Merrill College Videos Support Giving Day

Merrill College staff jump for joy to support Giving Day 2016. Photo by Jon Sham.

Merrill College staff jump for joy to support Giving Day 2016. Photo by Jon Sham.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Giving Day 2016 is upon us and the Philip Merrill College of Journalism needs everyone’s help to support scholarships, academic programs and campus initiatives for our students.  Donate until 3 a.m. March 4: go.umd.edu/gdjou

In a letter to alumni and friends of Merrill College, Dean Lucy Dalglish wrote, “We are in awe of the amazing amount of support we have already received today – thank you!”

The four areas specifically set for funding by Merrill College includes:

  • Capstones/News Bureaus and Gift Fund
  • Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism
  • Deans Fund
  • Penny Bender Fuchs Scholarship Fund

The 27 hour giving campaign features a number of challenge grants: including most faculty/staff gifts and alumni gifts. There was also one for best faculty/staff photo like the one on the right.

Merrill College Dean Lucy Dalglish and Associate Dean Rafael Lorente really got into the act with a great promotional video:

There was also a student contest – won by Stephen Barber:


Merrill College students took part with short videos thanking donors for their support – like Kimberly Escobar, Alex Kirshner and Michael Errigo.


And of course Merrill College faculty and staff got involved – * Award Winner – $500.00:

Animated Gif for Giving Day.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the Philip Merrill College of Journalism!




Press Uncuffed Campaign Celebrates Release of Washington Post Reporter Jason Rezaian

By Kelsey BaRoss
RoseComm New York

Rezaian Becomes Seventh Featured Journalist Freed While Six Remain

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Press Uncuffed, a campaign to help free imprisoned journalists throughout the world by selling bracelets bearing their names, today celebrates the release of Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian and the six other journalists freed since the campaign began 10 months ago.

Rezaian, a dual U.S.-Iranian citizen, spent 18 months in Iran’s Evin Prison before being released last month. He had been the Washington Post bureau chief in Tehran prior to his detainment.

Among the supporters who wear Press Uncuffed bracelets are Rezaian’s mother, Mary Rezaian, and his wife, Yeganeh Salehi. Salehi, an Iranian, initially was arrested with Rezaian and later released on bail after three months.

“We have worn them daily, and they gave us strength,” Mary Rezaian said of the Press Uncuffed bracelets. “They also opened some opportunities for discussion. And, of course, everyone from close friends, to family and supporters lusted after them. Thank you, so much, to the Press Uncuffed team and everyone who is working on this very important issue.”

Press Uncuffed bracelets are available for $10 on PressUncuffed.org and proceeds benefit the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), a collaborator in the campaign. CPJ is an independent, nonprofit organization that provides emergency assistance to journalists facing threats around the world and advocates for journalists imprisoned and attacked in reprisal for their work.

Created by students at the University of Maryland and their professor, Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Dana Priest, Press Uncuffed produces clear acrylic LuciteLux® bracelets – signifying transparency in reporting – that bear the names of imprisoned journalists and the countries in which they are held. Other journalists honored by the campaign were freed in Ethiopia, Bahrain, Mexico, Vietnam, Swaziland and China.

“The release of Jason, a colleague, is a reminder that Press Uncuffed can make a difference and lift the spirits of those in prison and the people closest to them working for their release,” said Dana Priest, the John S. and James L. Knight Chair in Public Affairs Journalism at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. “About 200 journalists, however, remain wrongfully imprisoned. Supporting the Press Uncuffed campaign helps raise much-needed funds and brings awareness to the issue of press freedom, putting real pressure on the U.S. government to do more, and on governments holding journalists without cause.”

 Press Uncuffed bracelets honor 13 journalists, including the following six who are still in prison:

  • Mohamed Cheik Ould Mohamed in Mauritania
  • Eskinder Nega in Ethiopia
  • Mahmoud Abou Zeid (Shawkan) in Egypt
  • Khadija Ismayilova in Azerbaijan
  • Yusuf Ruzimuradov in Uzbekistan
  • Ilham Tohti in China

For more information and to purchase a bracelet with one of the 13 journalists’ names, visit PressUncuffed.org. Sign up here to receive updates from the CPJ on the status of imprisoned journalists and to learn about new actions you can take to support their release.

“Whether freed or still in prison, the people on this list deserve to be recognized for the risks they took and sacrifices they made to report critical information that their governments wanted to bury,” said Priest.

About Press Uncuffed

Press Uncuffed is a campaign to raise money to free imprisoned journalists around the world by selling bracelets bearing their names. Journalism students at the University of Maryland and their professor, Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Dana Priest, created the campaign, which benefits the Committee to Protect Journalists’ emergency assistance campaign. Additional information about Press Uncuffed is available at PressUncuffed.org.

About the Committee to Protect Journalists

CPJ promotes press freedom worldwide and defends the rights of journalists to report the news without fear of reprisal. CPJ ensures the free flow of news and commentary by taking action wherever journalists are attacked, imprisoned, killed, kidnapped, threatened, censored or harassed.

About the Philip Merrill College of Journalism

The Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland is one of the world’s leading journalism schools. Our curriculum emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning with professional equipment that leads to the jobs of today and those waiting in the future. We have a world-class award-winning faculty with years of experience and intimate class sizes. The Merrill College is just a few short miles from Washington, D.C. and Baltimore – locations that provide unparalleled internships and broad learning opportunities.