COLLEGE PARK, Md.  – UMTV is offering to promote campus events for free. All it takes is a PowerPoint slide. UMTV is the University of Maryland’s cable TV station operated by the Philip Merrill College of Journalism and is seen on campus and in Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties.

UMTV Chief Engineer Bill Parker says communicators or units across campus can send prepared 16×9 PowerPoint slides to UMTV Student Newsroom Supervisor Al Perry at the station with start and stop dates. The station is asking for a two week lead time in order to ensure the announcement can be inserted into the program schedule. There are no guaranteed time slots, but there will be an effort to have the slide run during different times of the day.

FAQ – UMTV Promotion of events.

1) What formatting for our PowerPoint slide do you need
A – We are now asking for a PowerPoint slide formatted to 16×9. Just remember that lots of words are hard to read on a TV screen. Keep the slide simple with basic information about your event. Please use to create short, memorable URL’s.

2) Is it really free?
A- Yes! This is a service UMTV is happy to provide to campus.

3) How do we get the slide to you?
A – Email is best. You can send more than one for run of schedule it you like.

4) What about dates?
A  – Just tell us when you want the slide to start running and when it should end. We can program that into our system. Be sure to include contact information in case we have any questions.

5) Why a two week lead time?
A – We simply need the time to make sure we can load and program your slide into the UMTV system.

6) Who is the best person to contact about running our event slides?
A – Al Perry at UMTV is prepared to help you and answer any questions.

7) Where can we see UMTV?
A – UMTV is now on campus channel 38 or 78. Comcast customers can watch on Channel 73 in Prince George’s County and on Channel 2 in Montgomery County. On Verizon, UMTV is on channel 40 in both counties.

8) We’d like to arrange a tour of UMTV – how do we do that?
A – Contact Dave Ottalini at 301-405-132 or