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Real-World Experience Has Impact for Merrill Students

Merrill students in JOUR368Y with NBC4 sports reporter Carol Maloney perfore her pre-game live shot.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – The University of Maryland is uniquely situated between two major sports markets that offer wide-ranging opportunities for Merrill College student to get real-world experience as reporters. Whether traveling to Indianapolis for the BIG10 Tournament or covering the Redskins and Ravens as credentialed sports journalists, Merrill students learn by doing.

Povich Visiting Professor Kevin Blackistone and Povich Sports Center Director George Solomon take their classes to cover the Nationals and other sporting events. Merrill adjuncts are actively involved as well in making sure what’s taught in the classroom is brought home real-time at sporting events from field hockey to football. For instance, Adjunct Dave Owens routinely takes his classes to sporting events where they can practice reporting and life shots.

Recently, Adjunct Lecturer Joe Yasharoff ’87 took his JOUR368Y sports producing class to a Terp basketball game at XFINITY Center – where they had a chance to not only cover the game as credentialed media, but talk with beloved Terps sportscaster Johnny Holliday and his color commentator Chris Knockey, NBC4 Sports Reporter Carol Maloney and her photographer Dan Buckley as well as Maryland Basketball Sports Information Director Zack Bolno. They also got to see the XFINITY Control Room where the games are broadcast and attend a post-game news conference.

Shots by Joe Yasharoff of his JOUR368Y class at a recent Terps vs. Illinois basketball game

Photos by Joe Yasharoff ’87 of his JOUR 368Y sports producing class at the Terps vs. Illinois game they covered.

The students were asked to write short comments about their experiences and here’s what they had to say:

It was a great experience and I learned a lot about all that goes into covering a sporting event. From live shots with Carol Maloney to the radio play-by-play with Johnny Holliday, we got the chance to see how all these elements work in tandem to create a live broadcast and packages for the nightly news. My biggest take away was that this is definitely the career that I want to pursue.- Junior Miya Treawell

As a student, this is absolutely one of, if not the best experience I have had in my 4 years. Obviously there is a lot you can learn in a classroom but being at a game and working and covering the game as a real in the moment job has given me more knowledge and experience than 5 days in a classroom. That statement is no discredit to any of my professors, it is just a hyperbole as to how profound the experience was to get to be court side and behind the scenes. If the opportunity is there for future classes and future students, I hope they get to do the same thing because it was absolutely unforgettable. – Senior Alec Milton

While I’ve called a lot of games on press row for WMUC Sports, this was the first time I’ve ever gotten to meet the legendary Johnny Holliday. Live game broadcasting is one of the things I might possibly look into doing after my time in school, so it was just a really cool experience to meet him, talk to him about how he prepares for the game, and even sneak a little peek at his sheet that he uses to help him call the game. Seeing Carol Maloney do a live shot before the game and seeing her scramble when not everything went according to plan was a fun thing to see because it showed me that you always have to think on your feet because things won’t always go according to plan. – Junior Thomas Pullano

Overall it was just an incredible experience. We met such great people, journalists who are great at what they do and genuinely interested in helping us out however they can.  I wish I had been able to do something like this sooner than now in my last semester at Maryland. Thanks to Joe for taking the extra time to bring us there. Hands-on experience is obviously invaluable. – Senior Danielle Ling

Last week, we went to the Maryland-Illinois game as a class and learned how to cover a live game for television.  This was an invaluable experience, and I am so grateful for it.  You can learn about how to cover a game in your classes, but it doesn’t actually compare to being there and actually doing it.  The experience was also a great opportunity to meet and learn from professionals in the field.  For example, we got to watch Carol Maloney from NBC4 do her live shot and prep for her game coverage, and she had time that she could give us advice on how to do the job successfully as well. In addition to learning just how to cover the game for television, it was also an awesome chance to learn about the other media jobs a live sporting events.  We went into the Xfinity Center control room, where Ed Clark gave us the rundown on the in-house show that they produce for the video boards.  We also met the sports information director and Johnny Holliday, and they were able to give us insight about their jobs, which was great because it gave us an idea of other jobs we could potentially pursue in the future. Overall, it was definitely a great experience, and I would definitely recommend that other journalism classes provide students with similar opportunities to be out in the field and practice what they learn. – Junior Lauren Bork

Journalism Is a Great Major

Danielle Lama'11 who is now working for WDRB News in Louisville as a reporter says, "The Philip Merrill College of Journalism gave me the experience needed to land a job after graduation. Thanks to that great foundation, I've been able to work my way into a top 50 TV market within three years and continue to develop my skills as a reporter."

Danielle Lama’11 who is now working for WDRB News in Louisville as a reporter says, “The Philip Merrill College of Journalism gave me the experience needed to land a job after graduation. Thanks to that great foundation, I’ve been able to work my way into a top 50 TV market within three years and continue to develop my skills as a reporter.”

By Philip Merrill College of Journalism Dean Lucy Dalglish

Journalism is an excellent major for many career paths. Just take a look at our new page listing the jobs our graduates are getting! Below you’ll find some answers to questions parents and potential students ask us as they consider coming to Maryland and majoring in journalism:

1) Are there still jobs for journalism majors these days?

Absolutely. When I graduated from journalism school, most students launched their careers at a local broadcast station or newspaper. Those jobs still exist, particularly for students with ultra-sharp web skills. But increasingly, graduates are creating their own journalism-related jobs. But we tend to forget that journalism schools provide outstanding preparation for a host of occupations. Today’s young journalists are outstanding writers, adept researchers, skilled photographers,  creative web designers and discerning truth detectors.  These attributes prepare them for careers in journalism, law, public relations, government affairs and any other occupation that requires strategic thinkers. I found that my journalism degree was the perfect preparation for law school.

2) Beyond basic skills courses, what journalism electives are more likely to prepare graduates for a good job?

Any of Merrill College’s capstone courses provide great content training. We have some fabulous capstones. But I’ve noticed that jobs are out there for business journalists.  I’m probably biased, but I took many business courses in college and found them to be incredibly useful when I covered a whole host of stories. In addition, employers want reporters who can manipulate and visualize data, use databases in their reporting, and conducts high-quality investigations. And our graduates who have taken sports journalism courses are finding terrific jobs working for print and online publications, broadcast enterprises, and athletic teams and conferences.

3) What is the value of an internship these days?

I can’t imagine going out to find a journalism job without a high-quality internship under my belt. At Merrill College, our graduates often have three or four internships in newsrooms ranging from NBC News, the Washington Post and USA Today to the Frederick News Post and WBAL-TV.  Our incredible location inside the Washington Beltway allows us access to journalists and newsrooms from the news capital of the world.

Looking for more information about majoring in Journalism? Take a look at our Merrill College website that has specific information about the major, how to apply and more. Or you can call us at 301-405-2399

Merrill Student Benjamin Barr Named Student Speaker

Benjamin Barr

Benjamin Barr
Winter 2013 Student Speaker

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Merrill College senior Benjamin Barr has been named student speaker for the winter commencement exercise on Sunday, Dec. 22.

Barr says he’s excited about starting his career as a sports journalist. He covered and broadcast Maryland sports throughout his college career with WMUC Sports, Maryland’s student-run sports radio station. He also served as co-sports director and external affairs director during his tenure. In addition, he covered Maryland sports for Terps TV and the Maryland men’s ice hockey club.

Povich Sports Center Director George Solomon says, “Ben Barr’s enthusiasm  for sports  broadcasting will carry him to the top of as  many mountains he wishes to climb.”

Ben interned for Washington, D.C. stations WTOP, 106.7 The Fan, and NBC4, as well as Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia. He covered the Capitals, Wizard, Nationals, and Orioles for WTOP.  As an intern at 106.7 The Fan, he researched statistics and screened calls for the “Holden and Danny” talk show.  At NBC4 he did some anchoring and produced highlights. He also logged highlights and covered the Philadelphia Union for Comcast SportsNet Philadelphia.

Ben currently produces and screens calls for game broadcasts on Federal News Radio.

The Philip Merrill College of Journalism Commencement Exercise takes place in the Gildenhorn Recital Hall of the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center on Sunday, December 22 at 1 p.m.

UMTV Will Produce Four UMD Commencement Exercises

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 10.23.25 AM
COLLEGE PARK, Md. – UMTV, the Philip Merrill College of Journalism’s cable TV station will produce and stream four campus commencement ceremonies this month. “This is the first time UMTV has produced the main commencement exercise for the University of Maryland,” says Senior Communications Manager Dave Ottalini. “The Merrill College is thrilled to contribute to this important event.” UMTV was called in when the main commencement exercise and three college exercises were moved to Cole Student Activities Center from the Comcast Center due to a scheduling conflict.


Members of the UMTV and DETS crew that produced the Merrill College Commencement Ceremony for live broadcast and streaming last May. (Camera operators not shown.)

“UMTV has successfully produced a number of live and streamed campus events over the years,” says station engineer Bill Parker. “We look forward to helping make all these events special for our graduating students and their families.”

The program will be switched out of a production truck provided by County Cable Montgomery. The output will also be shown on two projection screens for all to enjoy. As with the production in Comcast, there will be three static cameras and one roving camera. A separate company is providing audio services for the ceremonies.

UMTV has worked with the Clark School of Engineering’s Distance Education Technology and Services (DETS) unit for many of its streamed events. Assistant Director Marty Ronning says the streams produced by UMTV are also archived by DETS for later viewing. “We make it easy to watch – the same URL that is used for the stream is also the archive,” he says.

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Merrill College Takes First Place in Scholarship Day Challenge

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 2.41.02 PM

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -The University of Maryland raised more than $220,000 Dec. 11 for student scholarships during Scholarship Day. The first-ever “24 Hours of Giving” event included a campus-wide competition to see who could raise the most funds for scholarships based on a percentage of the alumni who contributed.

The Philip Merrill College of Journalism was at the top of the leaderboard from the start of the competition to the very end. A total of $6,971 was raised for Merrill College scholarships from contributions by alumni, faculty, staff and friends.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 6.13.02 PM

In an email to the Merrill College community,  Dean Lucy Dalglish said she was thrilled by the “incredible response.”

“We didn’t just win; we smoked them! For our first place finish, Merrill College won an additional $5,000. And, because we won another category in the competition — the most number of responses from California — we picked up an additional $1,000. So here’s a special ‘thanks’ to you folks in California! This is the time of year when we find out about students who are struggling to just stay in school. This $12,971 will help us with our ‘Keep Me Maryland’ campaign, as well as provide scholarships for incoming and current students.”

Dalglish added, “We couldn’t be more proud!”

The Merrill College also contributed to the success of the university effort by sponsoring a day-long “TerpVision Festival” on UMTV, the college’s cable station. Viewers clicked over to the UMTV schedule 226 times during the day to see when the next edition of TerpVision was coming. The program, produced by University Marketing and Communications, tells stories of impact and inspiration on the University of Maryland campus, region and world. The program is hosted by Merrill Alumna Bonnie Bernstein ’92.

Thank you for making Scholarship Day such a success – both for the University of Maryland and Philip Merrill College of Journalism.


If you missed your chance to give on Scholarship Day, we invite you to make a scholarship gift here.