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Merrill Seniors: “Don’t Be Afraid. Put Yourself Out There.”

Carly Kempler talks with a number of Merrill College seniors for their best suggestions for incoming freshmen. Kyle Stackpole was one of those students.

By Carly Kempler ’18

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (May 3) – As the end of the semester approaches, a number of Merrill seniors are anxious to graduate, but also to reflect on their time and opportunities throughout their college careers.

There are a variety of campus publications and other media, which provide an outlet for students to write and broadcast their passions. For senior Kyle Stackpole, a multiplatform major, The Diamondback was a place to write about his interests, specifically sports.

“I got involved with The Diamondback two weeks into my freshman year, and I ended up doing it throughout my four years here,” he said.

Stackpole, who formerly served as The Diamondback’s Sports Editor, advised freshmen to take advantage of the opportunities at this university, especially during their first months on campus.

“I just wouldn’t be afraid,” he said. “Put yourself out there, try a bunch of new things and find out exactly what you want to do early on.”

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It’s also important to find your niche, said Susann Shin, a senior broadcast major, adding, “Don’t get distracted by others around you.”

“Everyone is sort of on their own journey,” Shin said. “You have to take it one step at a time and you can’t always be looking at people around you . . . or you start comparing yourself to other people, it’s really about focusing on where you want to go and exploring your own interests and your own passions.”

Shin, who was also a member of the Fall 2016 ViewFinder team, said her capstone experience was an “incredible opportunity” not only for herself as a student, but also for her prospective career.

And though Merrill College provides a plethora of chances to get involved, students, like senior broadcast major Bailey Martin, are able to narrow down these opportunities to seek out their own interests.

“I’ve come so far. . .  I didn’t even decide on the journalism major until I was already a junior and since then I’ve had three amazing internships,” Martin said. “I’ve met so many people, I’ve had the opportunity to cover some amazing stories and to just be a part of the inauguration, things that are making history.”


Both Martin and senior Chelsea Jones, also a broadcast major, were both reporters within the Broadcast Bureau of Merrill’s capstone course, Capital News Service. Jones served as one of the show’s anchors.

“I’ve done things that I never thought [were] possible,” Jones said. “For example becoming an anchor and reporter for Capital News Service, that’s something I always aspired to do, but never thought that with only two years to do a journalism curriculum, would I have the opportunity to.”


In addition to the hands-on experience Merrill provides, senior Talia Richman, a multiplatform major, also praised the school’s teachers, and said all students should take the time to get to know their professors.

“We are located in between Baltimore and D.C. so all the best journalists are there,” Richman said. “They come and teach us and you’re just so lucky to be able to have these people who should be your heroes that are also your teachers and are willing to help you and make you better and take the time to get to know you.”


Even with all of the opportunities and resources Merrill provides, senior Michael Stern, a broadcast major, found room for more. Stern started two online publications during his time in Merrill College, and encouraged students to take the first step in starting something new.

“There should never be a moment where you say, ‘I really wish I could do this on campus, oh wait it’s not here, so I’m not going to do it,'” Stern said. “That should never exist, if there’s something you want to do, that’s not there or there’s only one place to do it and you couldn’t get into that place, you should just start it yourself and still do it.”


Merrill Student Kyle Melnick ’18 Places Second in Hearst Writing Contest

Kyle Melnick '18

– LinkedIn photo.

Adapted from a Hearst Journalism Awards News Release.

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (May 2) – Merrill College junior Kyle Melnick is a second place winner in the Hearst Journalism Awards Program under the “Personality/Profile Writing” category.

He will be awarded a $2,000 scholarship, and Merrill College will receive a matching $2,000 grant.

Melnick’s winning entry was about Maryland basketball star Anthony Cowen, written for the Diamondback student newspaper.

Overall, Merrill College placed fifth in the Intercollegiate Writing Competition based on accumulated points for the five writing competitions held this year.

Judging the writing competitions this year are: Nicole Carroll, Vice President/News and Editor, The Arizona Republic/azcentral.com; Audrey Cooper, Editor in Chief, The San Francisco Chronicle; and David Zeeck, Publisher, The News Tribune, WA.

About the Hearst Journalist Awards Program

The Hearst Journalism Awards Program is conducted under the auspices of accredited schools of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication and fully funded and administered by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. The 14 monthly competitions consist of five writing, two photojournalism, one radio, two television and four multimedia, with Championship finals in all divisions. The program awards up to $500,000 in scholarships and grants annually.

Cam Rogers Voted Student Commencement Speaker

Cameron Rogers

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (May 1) – Philip Merrill College of Journalism senior Cam Rogers has been elected by the senior class as student commencement speaker. “I am truly honored the Class of 2017 has chosen me to be their speaker,” said Rogers.  “I look forward to addressing how successful my fellow classmates are and will continue to be.”

Rogers has had a busy four years as a student at Maryland. He’s been featured on networks such as ESPN, NFL Network ESPNU, FNTSY Sports Radio Network, NESN, Big 12 Digital Network, and CampusInsiders.com and nominated for an Emmy. He has covered a wide range of sports like football, golf, lacrosse, and baseball.


Rogers’ entry into the broadcast field was in early high school, when he auditioned and earned a host position on an Emmy-nominated sports show on New England Sports Network.

Rogers was recently invited to attend the KIIS FM Jingle Ball Concert by the iHeartMedia west coast market president. There, he was able to shadow the entire broadcast operation, network with executives and meet Ryan Seacrest. In March, Rogers hosted coverage on the Orange Carpet at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

Rogers is the current host of “The Cam Rogers Show” on ESPN Radio NH, ESPNnhradio.com and the ESPN Radio app, and covers a wide range of topics centered around golf and football.

Merrill College’s Commencement exercise is on Saturday, May 20 at 3 p.m. in the Memorial Chapel on campus.

The WHCA Dinner: An Incredibly Humbling Experience

WHCA Scholarship winner Becca King '17 with Dean Lucy Dalglish.

Becca King with Dean Lucy Dalglish.

By Becca King ’18

I think it’s very safe to say that Saturday night was one of my most incredible experiences, and I am so grateful to the Philip Merrill College of Journalism and the White House Correspondents’ Association for the opportunity of a lifetime. I can honestly say I am still starstruck that I was able to shake hands and talk with CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett, someone I have consistently watched and idolized.

From the beginning, we all knew this year would be a bit different from previous ones, and it was. But the night was truly a celebration of the First Amendment, the truth, and everything that journalism stands for. It was a chance to really reflect on why we all do what we do everyday. It isn’t an easy job, but sitting in that ballroom, it was evident that everyone is incredibly passionate about this field. That makes me so excited to be a part of this profession.


Becca on Live TV being congratulated for her scholarship. Screenshot courtesy of C-Span.

Becca on Live TV being congratulated for her scholarship. Screenshot courtesy of C-Span.


As a scholarship recipient, I had the honor to meet with the White House Correspondents’ Association Board and so many other dedicated journalists. I got to know other scholarship winners from across the country as well as my mentor, Jacqueline Alemany, a White House reporter for CBS News. Standing on stage in front of the packed ballroom, hearing my name announced, and then shaking hands with THE Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein was nerve-wracking and surreal but also an incredibly humbling experience.

I walked away from last night feeling extremely blessed, but also incredibly excited and driven to take on the world of journalism. I think Hasan Minhaji put it best: “Thank you to Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein for inspiring a generation of journalists, and thank you to Donald Trump for inspiring the next.”

Read the WTOP article about all the WHCA scholarship winners.

About the WHCA Scholarship

The scholarship is given to honor the memory of Frank R. Cormier, WHCA president in 1967, who for two decades exemplified the best qualities of White House correspondents in his crisp dispatches for the Associated Press. An annual award of $20,000 is divided among four students at the Philip Merrill College of Journalism. The other Merrill student scholarship winners include Simone Thomas ’17, Naomi Harris ’17, and Simret Aklilu ’19.


Becca was joined by four other Merrill College students at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner – including Michael Stern, Danielle Ohl, Tali Richman, and Ellie Silverman.







Change and Challenge: 100 Days of Journalism and Trump Symposium

First 100 Days of Journalism and Trump Symposium @merrillcollege May 4.

By April Newton
Ph.D. Student

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (April 28) – The Philip Merrill College of Journalism is holding a scholarship and practice symposium titled, “Change and Challenge: 100 Days of Journalism During the Trump Administration,” on May 3, in Knight Hall. The symposium will feature University of Maryland researchers from across campus and reporters who are covering the White House and politics. The keynote speaker will be Margaret Talev, Bloomberg News reporter, vice president of the White House Correspondents Association, president of the Washington Press Club Foundation and Merrill College of Journalism alumna.

The Change and Challenge symposium will allow reporters, researchers, and journalism educators to share experiences and seek directions for better understanding how President Trump’s election took many by surprise, what to do about fake news, and much more.

The May 3rd Symposium begins at 4 p.m. in Knight Hall’s Eaton Theater to learn more about journalists’ experiences and what researchers are investigating. There will be a reception in the Knight Hall atrium after the panel and Ms. Talev’s speech, beginning at approximately 5:30pm.

For questions, please email April Newton, co-president of the Merrill Graduate Student Association.