• CNS Transforms the Student Experience.

    Merrill's student-powered Capital News Service is celebrating 25 years of service to the state of Maryland. Read More
  • The Perfect Location

    The University of Maryland is located just ten minutes from Washington D.C. and an easy drive to Annapolis and Baltimore. Our students take advantage of real-world internships, CNS bureaus and access to top media professionals. Read More
  • Real World Experience

    Merrill College students take advantage of internships and other hands-on experiences throughout the region. Real-world experience creates real-world job opportunities, great contacts and networking opportunities. Read More
  • Sports Journalism at Maryland

    Interested in sports journalism? The Merrill College is in one of the nation's top sports markets. You'll get hands-on experience while learning about sports coverage in the modern era. Read More
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Upcoming Events / Opportunities