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Undergraduate Admissions

Freshman Admission

When applying to the University of Maryland, freshman candidates may indicate the Philip Merrill College of Journalism as their major of choice.

  • The college is one of 13 Limited Enrollment Programs at the University of Maryland, which means the college’s admissions standards are higher than the university’s. Therefore, available freshman seats may be limited and access to those seats will be on a competitive basis based on high school scholastic performance.
  • All new students will need to meet certain criteria prior to the completion of 45 semester credits to be allowed to continue as a journalism major. Those criteria include an earned grade of “C-” or higher in ENGL101, Math107 or higher and an earned grade of “C-” or higher in JOUR201. Prior to enrolling in JOUR201, students must pass JOUR200 as well as JOUR181 or the JOUR181 grammar competency exam.
  • Students not meeting all of these requirements will be denied continued enrollment in the college, necessitating a change of major should they wish to continue at the University of Maryland.

Transfer or Upper-Level Admission

Transfer and upper-level students wishing to major in journalism must satisfy the Limited Enrollment Program (LEP) “gateway” criteria:

  • A grade of “C-” or higher in ENGL101.
  • Math107 or higher.
  • A grade of “C-” or higher in JOUR201. Demonstration of grammar skills competency (JOUR181) and completion of JOUR200 is a prerequisite for JOUR201.
  • Current grade-point average 2.8 (including transfer coursework).
  • No more than 12 transfer credits of communications courses from an accredited journalism program may be approved by Merrill College to be applied toward the degree.
  • Transfer students who wish to receive credit for JOUR201 based communication/journalism coursework done at another journalism program must pass a proficiency exam.
  • Other mass communication credits earned from non-accredited mass-communication programs are not transferable to the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland.

Internal transfers: Submit the College of Journalism LEP application.

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