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Undergraduate Admissions

This page contains information about admission to the Philip Merrill College of Journalism for first-time freshmen, current University of Maryland students and transfer students from other institutions.

First-time Freshmen

Students who wish to study in the College of Journalism at Maryland starting in the fall are encouraged to apply for admission to the university by the priority deadline of Nov. 1 or the regular deadline of Jan. 20. Students who wish to start their study in spring are encouraged to apply for admission by the priority deadline of Dec. 1. There is not a separate application required for consideration to the journalism major. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions can assist you with your application for admission. 

For prospective student inquiries, please contact

Current University of Maryland Students

To initiate a journalism major change/addition request, click here. Once you submit the form from that link, you will be notified that you are required to meet with a journalism academic advisor to declare the major. After you have scheduled that meeting, you can click the "Completed" button in TerpEngage, and your request will be moved forward and processed at your major change advising appointment. At that appointment, a journalism advisor will discuss the major requirements, review any courses you have taken, assist you with a graduation plan and officially change/add the major. You can send any questions about this process to the JOUR Advising Team.

Transfer Students from Another Institution

College students from outside the University of Maryland are welcome to apply, and can do so for fall by the priority deadline of March 1 or the regular deadline of June 1. College students outside the university who are seeking to study starting in the spring can apply by the priority deadline of Aug. 1 or the regular deadline of Nov. 15.

A few notes about transfer credits:

  • No more than 12 transfer credits of communications courses from an accredited journalism program may be approved by Merrill College to be applied toward the degree.
  • Transfer students who wish to receive credit for JOUR201 based communication/journalism coursework done at another journalism program must pass a proficiency exam.
  • Other mass communication credits earned from nonaccredited mass-communication programs are not transferable to the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland.
  • The Office of Undergraduate Admissions can help you become familiar with the University of Maryland and assist you with your online application for admission.


In accordance with the University's policies, the College of Journalism expects students to make satisfactory academic progress toward graduation. To help measure a student's progress toward their degree, students must attempt courses designated as benchmarks within a specified number of credits in order to continue in the major.

All students in the College of Journalism must take a series of benchmark courses by the time that they have completed 30 credits and 60 credits. 

1) JOUR181 (Grammar for Journalists)

2) JOUR200 (Journalism History, Roles and Structures)

1) JOUR152 (Introduction to Storytelling with Code)

2) JOUR201 (News Writing and Reporting I)

3) JOUR262/347 (News Videography) or JOUR370 (Photojournalism)

4) JOUR320 (News Writing and Reporting II: Multiplatform)

The college reviews students' transcripts to determine if students have successfully completed benchmark courses within the established timeframe and with the appropriate grades. If benchmark courses are met, students are expected to continue making satisfactory progress toward their degree. Students not meeting the benchmarks will be denied continued enrollment in the College of Journalism, necessitating a change of major should they wish to continue at the university.

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