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Merrill College

Merrill College's Capital News Service Wins 12 MDDC Press Association Awards

COLLEGE PARK — The University of Maryland Philip Merrill College of Journalism’s Capital News Service won 12 awards with 13 individual students recognized in this year’s Maryland, Delaware, District of Columbia Press Association contest.

CNS MarylandCNS, staffed by Merrill College students and led by faculty members, competed against professional news organizations in the annual contest. All work was entered in Division F, with categories organized by total audience.

CNS placed first in six categories for a variety of traditional and multimedia stories from students, including the Local News Network’s “Contracted Out” project and The Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism’s “Bringing Back Baseball” project. CNS added six second-place finishes.

LNN was honored with the James S. Keat Freedom of Information Award.

Three students won multiple awards. Dylan Shulman placed first in two categories for “The ‘multiverse’ of music genres is warping into a sea of vibes” — in the Best Use of Interactive Media and the Features-driven Multimedia Storytelling categories. Hunter Savery and Sarah Siock each earned a first prize and a second prize.

Here is a complete list of the MDDC Awards won by CNS:

General News Story
Second Place - Ian Decker, “Biden infrastructure program so far has sent $2.6 billion to Maryland”

Sports Story
First Place - The Shirley Povich Center for Sports Journalism, “Bringing Back Baseball”

News-driven Multimedia Storytelling
First Place - Abbi Ross, Aya Hussein and Sarah Siock, “Challenged books in Carroll County largely written by women, feature LGBTQIA+ characters”
Second Place - Dylan Manfre, Sarah Siock and Natalie Davis, “Outside the Baltimore area, auto thefts are up most in Prince George's County”

James S. Keat Freedom of Information Award
First Place - Local News Network, “Contracted out: How Maryland school districts do business”

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Second Place - Sapna Bansil and Braden Hamelin, “For Black community, ties to city's baseball traditions are complicated”

Multimedia Storytelling (Sports)
Second Place - Victoria Ifatusin and Cameron Jones, “Maryland Women's Basketball regular season attendance skyrockets but inequality still prevalent”

Feature Story: Non-Profile
First Place - Hunter Savery, “Meet the people fleeing the United States”

Education Reporting
Second Place - Hannah Ziegler, “Outdoors could be key to improving post-pandemic learning”

Best Use of Interactive Media
First Place - Dylan Shulman, “The ‘multiverse’ of music genres is warping into a sea of vibes”

Features-driven Multimedia Storytelling
First Place - Dylan Shulman, “The ‘multiverse’ of music genres is warping into a sea of vibes”

Medical/Science Reporting
Second Place - Hunter Savery, “Too much light threatens environment and health, studies show”

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