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Broadcast class


Undergraduate journalism majors may pursue a 9-to-18 credit specialization in broadcast, investigative or sports journalism within their Bachelor of Arts curriculum. Please note that specializations do not appear on a student's transcript or diploma.

Students seeking a specialization should speak to their academic advisor for guidance on fitting the specialization into their course of study.

A specialization in broadcast journalism requires 9 to 18 credits depending on the combination of courses.

  • JOUR262 or JOUR347: News Videography (3)
  • JOUR360: News Writing & Reporting II: Broadcast (3)
  • An approved capstone (3 to 9)
    • Several broadcast capstones also require JOUR361: Television Reporting and Production (3) as a prerequisite.

A specialization in investigative reporting requires 9 to 12 credits depending on the combination of courses.

  • JOUR472: Computer-assisted Reporting (3) or a similar journalism course approved by the college
  • JOUR343: Investigative Reporting (3) or JOUR353: News Bureau: Multimedia Reporting, investigative section (6)
  • An approved seminar course from the JOUR410-469 menu

A specialization in sports requires 11 to 18 credits depending on the combination of courses.

  • A sports skills course from a menu of offerings in the JOUR321-389 range, including JOUR382: Sports Writing and Reporting (3)
  • A sports discussion or seminar course from a menu of offerings in the JOUR410-469 range, including JOUR443: Sports, Society, Culture and the Media (3)
  • A sports capstone course, from a menu including JOUR325: Capital News Service Bureau, JOUR353: News Bureau: Multimedia Reporting, JOUR355: Multimedia Editing and Production and JOUR357/367, the broadcast news bureaus (3 to 9)
  • A sports experiential course such as an off-campus internship with a news organization, approved by the internship director for JOUR396: Supervised Internship (2) or a second sports-focused capstone approved by the department (6)
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